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About Urban Dog Photography . . . 

Every dog should have their day (in front of the camera) and every dog owner deserves to have at least one soulful piece of Artwork of their beautiful Furbaby.

Urban Dog Photography was founded by Renee Carolla, an award-winning photojournalist.

Renee merges 25+ years of full-time newspaper/magazine photojournalism experience with a LIFELONG LOVE of ALL things DOG.

Her sessions capture irresistible details of adoring eyes, wet noses, perfect paws and quirky personalities. 

Afterwards, Renee will help you choose your favorite soulful moments to immortalize your Furbaby in drool worthy Wall Art, Coffee Table Books, Holiday Cards and more!  

Our sessions are howl worthy, so oh my dog . . .  what are you waiting for? 

Schedule today so we can wag tails soon! :)

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